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Description: Paver

Texture: Smooth 

Style: Classic | Traditional | Old-world

Yankee Cobble Square & Rectangles

  • The old-world look and feel is unmistakable. Cobblestones are as authentic to New England as the sailing ships that carried them as ballast across the Atlantic. With a wide array of shapes and colors, you’ll have no trouble putting your personal touch on this classic paver that mimics the look of natural stone.

    Suitable Applications:

    • Walkways
    • Driveways
    • Patio & Terrace
    • Pool decks
  • Yankee Cobble is available in three different sizes.

    Small Square: 6-5/16" x 6-5/16"

    Rectangle: 6-5/16" x 9-7/16"

    Large Square: 9-7/16" x 9-7/16"

    Thickness: 2 1/4"

    Click here for product specification

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