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For over 150 years, McAvoy Brick has been manufacturing some of the world's highest-quality brick. Thousands of structures across the country have been built and paved using McAvoy face brick, paving brick, and custom brick shapes -Why? Their long history of superior raw materials, rich, consistent colors, and natural, inviting textures ensures that McAvoy bricks are a solid, long lasting value.
McAvoy bricks are available in cored or solid options.

Please see below for some popular McAvoy brick colors. Can't find what you are looking for? We can always order it! 


Glen-Gery is the superior choice among architects, builders and homeowners who require high quality building products that meet both innovative design challenges and demanding construction specifications. Glen-Gery is an industry leader for it's diversified product line of more than 600 brick products, which are available in a wide-array of sizes and textures. See below for some examples of Glen-Gery brick.

Visit our location to view all of our brick offerings! 

Looking for a specific color or style?
We can get it for you!

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