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Natural stones are products of nature; variations in color, pattern, texture and veining are unavoidable. The uniqueness of each stone is what makes it beautiful. The purchaser acknowledges that stone ordered at different times are not guaranteed to match the original stone. Photos are a representation and colors will vary.





Due to the inherent nature of printed literature and current digital media, we cannot guarantee specific color matching to printed representations of its color swatches. Each color option is composed of a variety of darker & lighter tones. Natural ingredients such as granite are present within the recipe to allow for a range in tones, veining and textures from one stone to another. Therefore, colors samples shown are approximate representations of our standard colors and actual product colors may vary. Final color selection should be made at your local dealer from stocked product. It is recommended to immediately verify the product and color upon reception. If there are any discrepancies, please contact us before continuing your project. Installation of the product constitutes your acceptance of the product as is.



Efflorescence is a natural occurring process in all concrete products which sometimes appears in the form of a white powdery film on the pavement surface. Efflorescence is more perceivable in darker colors It does not, in any way, compromise the functionality or the structural integrity of the product. Although efflorescence cannot be prevented, it will wash off over time or can be cleaned with efflorescence cleaner. TLC Supply, Inc. is not responsible for efflorescence that may occur on said products.


Polymeric haze from the use of polymeric joint sand may appear on your concrete products if the sand was not removed from the surface of the paver properly. This does not, in any way, affect the integrity of the product or your installation. The hazing will weather away naturally with time and rain. It can be removed with a specialized cleaner; you are advised to contact your contractor or the polymeric sand company used for instructions & recommendations.


Pavers with an embossed surface (high and low points) are more susceptible to scuff marks from vibratory plate compactors used in most concrete paver installations. It is recommended to use a urethane mat between the plate and the paver surface during compacting. Contact your equipment supplier for more information about accessories for this purpose. Also, snow removal equipment should have the proper spacing, bumpers, and rubber blade guards to protect the surface of the pavers.


Proper installation enhances the overall color of pavement. Units should be randomly picked from at least two pallets when installing. This creates an attractive and subtle blending of color.


A by-product of cutting with a saw is residue-filled water or concrete dust. Residue-filled water or rehydrated dust can cling to the surface and leave a concrete stain. It is recommended to wash and remove the water or concrete dust from the surface of the pavers before it dries. Construction residue can also happen through soil disturbance or environmental elements. These contaminants should be removed immediately but do not affect the integrity of the product or your installation.

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