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We carry an extensive selection of clay brick ranging from cored and solid face brick, water struck brick, sand molded brick, paver brick, hard sewer brick, fire brick, and thin brick veneer.


Click the links below to explore some of the options we have.Our office contains over 50 brick sample boards on display, giving you plenty of options to choose a brick for a new project or to find a perfect match to an existing one.

If we don't have it, we can order it!

Intricate Brick Building Detail
Brick Color and Texture

Full Size Brick
We carry a variety of cored and solid brick. 
Click here to view colors and styles.

Stiles & Hart Waterstruck and SandmoldedBrick
Stiles & Hart 2" Restoration Brick

2" Restoration Brick
We carry 2" Restoration brick for older
and historic repairs. Click here to view
2" Restoration brick from S&H

Thin Brick Veneer Flats and Corners
Red Clay Brick Paver Walkway

Clay Brick Pavers
Clay brick pavers are rich in color and
are more durable than concrete
bricks. Click here to view popular brick
paver options, including the infamous Boston City Hall Pavers!

Fire Brick
Fire bricks are made to withstand high temperatures. They are often used to line furnaces, kilns, fireboxes, and fireplaces.
Click here to view our fire brick options

Buff and Red Fire Brick
Hard Sewer Manhole Brick

Hard Sewer Brick
Meet applicable codes such as ASTM C
for the use in drainage structures such as
manholes and catch basins.

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