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TLC Supply has several types of concrete reinforcement to provide additional durability and to reinforce tensile strength of concrete. 

Rebar Reinforcement


  • #4 (1/2")

  • #5 (5/8")

  • Comes in 20' lengths but can be cut to size. 

  • Tie Chairs and Rebar Ties also available. 


  • Dur-o-wall is a continuous length of joint reinforcement that is embedded into the horizontal mortar joints of masonry walls.

  • Available in 4", 6", 8", and 12" 

  • Length: 10'

  • Truss

  • Mill Galvanized

Duro Wall Truss Ladder
Wire Lath

Wire Lath

  • Wire lath is designed for use as reinforcement and crack control of Portland cement based plaster, masonry, and cultured stone.

  • 2' x 8' Galvanized Sheets 

Wire Mesh

  • Wire mesh is used when making concrete slabs. It helps to reinforce the concrete and prevent any future cracking.

  • 5' x 10' sheets with 6" x 6" grid size.

  • 10 gauge

Concrete Wire Mesh
Steel Angle Iron Lintel

Steel Angle Iron

  • L-Shaped to be extremely stable and to bear excessive amounts of weight. Angle Iron is used for supporting windows, doors, and other openings.

  • 3" x 4" x 1/4"

  • We can cut to any length you need!

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