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Description: Slab

Texture: Slate 

Style: Rustic | Traditional 

Windham Ridge Slab

  • Genest Windham Ridge Flagging has a riven faced texture which simulates natural stone. Each of the large scale pieces offer designs that are only found in natural stone pavements. Windham Ridge Flagging comes in four blended colors that may be used on their own or mixed together to match any of the colors in your landscape.

    Suitable Applications:

    • Walkway
    • Permeable
    • Patio & Terrace
    • Garden
    • Pool decks

    *Not suitable for driveway applications.

  • Windham Ridge is a three piece system that includes:

    7 - 1/16" x 14 - 3/16"

    14-3/16" x 13-3/16"

     and 14-3/16" x 21-1/4" sized pieces.

    Thickness: 2 3⁄8"

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