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Walnut Travertine Pattern & Coping

  • Walnut Travertine offers rich and dynamic shades of browns, taupe, tans and creams. Although some variation in color is to be expected, it is overall very consistent throughout. Walnut travertine pavers are tumbled, honed and unfilled.

    Travertine is sold by the crate. Each crate yields 176 sqft and it is made up of several sizes to create the "French Pattern". 

    Sizes Included:

    8" x 8"

    8" x 16"

    16" x 16"

    16" x 24"

    Thickness: 1.25" 

  • Travertine Pool Coping is also available to match.

    Sizes Available:

    12" x 48" x 2" with a bullnosed front.

    24" x 48" x 2" with a bullnosed front.

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