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  • Granite is considered one of the hardest and strongest natural stones found on Earth making it a perfect choice for any exterior hardscape design.
    Our ​imported granite comes from over seas and is a great economical choice for anyone seeking a light gray color.  Imported granite is no different than granite mined in the United States. It offers a similar "salt & pepper" appearance but with larger flecks of black and brown.


  • Imported Granite is available at TLC Supply:

    • 2" Thick Treads: Lengths from 3' to 10' and Widths between 12" - 24". 
    • 7" Thick Steps, Fillers, and Landings in various sizes.
    • 1¼" Thick Random Sized Pattern Stock: 12" x 24" |  12" x 36" |  18" x 36" |  24" x 24" |  24" x 30" |  24" x 36" | 30" x 30"

     *Please contact TLC Supply for price & availability.

    Custom orders and fabrication for treads, steps, landings, caps, hearths, mantels, posts, etc. are available  upon request. Please contact TLC Supply for a quote. 

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