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South Bay Steps & Flagging

  • A quartzitic sandstone with an advancing and receding surface that resembles a windswept and sandy beach. Visually smooth, yet heavily textured with a blend of tan, antique white, ice blue, amber, and brown. South Bay Quartzite® will enhance any home from warm beach cottages to cozy cabins deep in the woods.

    Irregular Flagging Size:

    Size & Facing Area:
    Thickness 1″ ± to 3″ ±
    1/2 sq. ft. to 3 sq. ft. ±
    70 sq. ft. per ton
    Package Weight:
    3300 to 4400 lbs. ±

    Garden Stepper Sizes:

    Size & Facing Area:
    Thickness 3″ ± to 5″ ±
    2 sq. ft. to 4 sq. ft. ±
    35 sq. ft. per ton
    Package Weight:
    3500 to 4200 lbs. ±

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