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Available in Silver or Black

SL - Slimline Series Single Element Heaters

  • SL- Slimline Series Single Element Heaters are designed with a low profile that is suitable for both interior and exterior surface mount applications up to 11’.

    Available Lengths:

    • 29-1/2"
    • 42-1/2"
    • 63-1/2"

    Voltage Available:

    • 208V
    • 240V
    • 277V

    Typically installed with custom controls to vary the electric load for comfortable heat in a wide range of conditions.

    Features: Narrow profile and a T-slot for flexible mounting options.

  • Models:

    SL-16:   Length 29.5"    |    1600 WATTS

    SL-24:   Length 42.5"    |    2400 WATTS

    SL-30:   Length 63.5"    |    3000 WATTS

    SL-40:   Length 63.5"    |    4000 WATTS

    Note: Indoor or well-protected environments will generally exceed average coverage areas. Heaters can provide less than average coverage in extremely cold/windy conditions.

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