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Sierra Accentstone by Realstone Systems

  • Sierra Accentstone™ natural stone veneer panels incorporate larger stones into each panel, for a more textured overall appearance. Ideal for both small and large scale applications, the panels have a smooth, linear finish, while the larger stones bring a rich texture and just the right amount of depth.

    Sierra is made of a warm slate with a multitude of muted earth tones ranging from blues to rust for an easy to love neutral.

  • Sizes

    Flat Units: 6"x24" = 1 sq. ft.

    Corner Units: Interlocking pcs 6"x8", 6"x16" = .5 Linear Feet

    Avg Unit Thickness:  .8" - 1.4"

    Avg Unit Weight:  9.3 lbs

    Avg Square Foot per Box: 6 sqft

    Pieces per Box: 6 Pieces

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