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Description: Double Sided Cap

Texture: Thermal

Style: Traditional | Modern | Contemporary

Colors: Onyx Black  |  Riviera |  Rock Garden Brown

Piedimonte Cap by Techo Bloc

  • Piedimonte calms and harmonizes surrounding multi-textured Techo-Bloc products, adding definition and quiet sophistication to the environment. Additionally, this coping boasts Techo's newest Klean-Bloc technology for added protection against stains, scratches and color fading.

    Suitable Applications:

    • Patio & Terrace
    • Garden
    • Pool decks
    • Outdoor steps
    • Outdoor water features
    • Outdoor fire features
    • Decorative walls
  • Piedimonte Cap Available Sizes:

    12" x 30" x 2-1/4" Wall Cap

    14" x 30" x 2-1/4" Wall Cap

    28" x 28" x 2-7/8" Pillar Cap



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