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Mountain Rust Ledgestone by Realstone Systems

  • Mountain Rust natural stone panels have a classic look. Ledgestone is a rough cut, split face stone with a weathered finish. The varying profiles of the stone give it depth and texture while showcasing the natural beauty of the stone. As the light falling on the stone changes throughout the day, so does the look of the stone, as the varying depths cast a variety of shadows. Mountain Rust is made of a warm slate with a multitude of deep earth tones ranging from blues to rust for an overall deep rust color.

  • Sizes

    Flat Units: 6"x24" = 1 sq. ft.

    Corner Units: Interlocking pcs 6"x8", 6"x16" = .5 Linear Feet

    Avg Unit Thickness:  .6" - 1.75"

    Avg Unit Weight:  12 lbs

    Avg Square Foot per Box: 6 sqft

    Pieces per Box: 6 Pieces

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