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Jumbo Cobblestone 10x7x4

  • Jumbo Granite Cobblestones are nature’s unique and superior paving and edging stone. Combining strength, resiliency,
    skid resistance, and minimal water absorption, granite cobblestones offer an unsurpassed combination of characteristics making it nature’s ultimate paving and edging material. 

  • Size: 4" x 7" x 10"

    # Pieces per Pallet: 105

    Approximate Weight per Pallet: 2,994 lbs

    Approximate Weight per Piece: 28.5 lbs

    Approximate Pieces per Square Foot: 2.06 pcs

    Approximate Pieces per Linear Foot: 1.2 pcs

    Color: Light Grey

    *Other colors such as black, pink, and yellow are available for special order.

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