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CD-Series heaters are available in a range of colors, to coordinate with your interior or exterior environment. Choose from brushed stainless steel or eight standard color finish options.

CD - Series Dual Element Heaters

  • CD- Series Dual Element Heaters provide concentrated heat for larger scale applications.

    Available Lengths:

    • 33"
    • 39"
    • 61-1/4"

    Voltage Available:

    • 208V
    • 240V
    • 277V
    • 480V

    Typically installed with custom controls to vary the electric load for comfortable heat in a wide range of conditions.

    Features: Minimal Clearance Requirements, Recessed Mounting Options, Short Standoffs, and Mounting Heights between 10' - 14'.

    Includes: Standard Mounting Brackets that can be used for both wall and ceiling installation.

  • Models:

    CD-30:    Length 33"   |    3000 WATTS

    CD-40:    Length 39"   |    4000 WATTS

    CD-50:    Length 39"   |    5000 WATTS

    CD-60:    Length 61.25"   |    6000 WATTS


    Note: Indoor or well-protected environments will generally exceed average coverage areas. Heaters can provide less than average coverage in extremely cold/windy conditions.

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