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Description: Sindle Sided Bullnose Cap and Coping

Texture: Polished

Style: Traditional | Modern  |  Contemporary 

Bullnose Grande by Techo Bloc

  • Clean, simple, and classic. Bullnose Grande was created to offer a larger, longer version of the original Bullnose cap but with a polished surface. The large, rounded edges of Techo-Bloc's Bullnose Cap give poolsides, seat walls, and steps a softer, timeless appearance that's also a safer option for children playing inside or around poolsides.

    Suitable Applications:

    • Pool decks
    • Outdoor steps
    • Outdoor water features
    • Outdoor fire features
    • Decorative walls
  • Bullnose Grande Dimensions: 14-1/16" D x 29-1/2" L

    Thickness: 2-3/16"

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