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Techniseal NOCO is the first jointing product specifically developed for projects where mechanical compaction is either not possible or traditionally not used. Ideal for flagstones, wet cast pavers (such as imitation European cobblestone), large slabs and false joints; NOCO can be used on concrete overlay or cement-sand base bedding. It is a clean, easy and fast alternative to mortar and stone dust jointing.

Techniseal NOCO Polymeric Sand for Joints up to 4"

    • Natural stones, wet cast pavers, concrete pavers, highly textured surfaces and large slabs
    • For all types of installations including draining base, cement/sand bedding, and concrete overlays 
    •  False joints
    • Joint width from 1/4” to 4”*
    • Recommended joint width for flagstone is up to 2” with interstice up to 4”. 
    • Residential and commercial projects: Follow stone or paver’s manufacturer recommendations.
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