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Premier 6" Wall By Rockwood

  • Rockwood's Premier 6 is one of the most innovative SRW products the industry has seen in its 30 year history. Its unique and patented .75 sq. ft. block design is changing the industry. Premier’s 44 lb. unit weight reduces installer fatigue and beats all other block systems for strength, performance, freight efficiencies and ease of construction.

    The Premier’s straight-thru cores fill easily with drainage material that create “vertical stone columns” to increase grid connection strength and resistance to shear. Premier 6’s bottom side anchor bar creates an automatic 4.7˚ setback

  • Rockwood Premier 6" Wall Size:

    18" x 12" x 6"

    Weight: 44 lbs


    Click here for Premier 6 & 8's Installation Guide

    Click here for Premier 6 Data Sheet

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