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Description: Slab

Texture: Klean-Bloc Brushed Travertine

Style: Modern | Traditional  |  Exotic & Eclectic

Travertina Slab

  • The Travertina collection mimics the texture of natural travertine in a concrete material, making it a much more durable option for your landscape designs. Additionally, Travertina Raw boasts Techo's latest Klean-Bloc technology for added protection against stains, scratches and color fading.

    Suitable Applications:

    • Walkway
    • Patio & Terrace
    • Garden
    • Decorative wall
    • Pool deck
  • Travertina Slab comes in three different sizes:

    20" x 20" & 20" x 10" Set

    30" x 20" Individual Piece

    30" x 30" Individual Piece

    Thickness: 2-1/4"

    Click here for product specification

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