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Misty Blue Travertine Pattern & Coping

  • Bring inspiring style to your space with stunning Silver Travertine. A beautiful blend of silvers, grays, and creams, this Turkish travertine collection adds instant sophistication and understated elegance.

    Travertine is sold by the crate. Each crate yields 176 sqft and it is made up of several sizes to create the "French Pattern".

    Sizes Included:

    8" x 8"

    8" x 16"

    16" x 16"

    16" x 24"

    Thickness: 1.25"

  • Travertine Pool Coping is also available to match.

    Sizes Available:

    12" x 48" x 2" with a bullnosed front.

    24" x 48" x 2" with a bullnosed front.

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