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  • Rolanda R.

Interlocking Veneer Panels

NEM is revolutionizing the veneer installation process with their new interlocking veneer panels. These panels can be installed in seconds, compared to 10x the time it takes to lay loose individual veneer stone pieces.

What makes these panels different from tradition veneer panels is their staggered shape which makes it nearly impossible to detect seams. The classic elegance and intricate detail of small stones combined with the simplicity of a panel system allows this paneling system to mimic the appearance of a precision hand-laid dry-stack veneer stone.

  • Panels are fast, simple, and economical to apply

  • Easy to use, no specialist skills required.

  • No need to fill grout joints

  • Seamless walls and corners.

  • Suitable for exterior and interior use.

NEM Interlocking Panels come in the ever popular ledge stone cut in the colors New England Blend or Berkshire.

How to Install Interlocking Veneer Panels

Step 1: Calculate

Calculate the square footage of the area. Interlocking Veneer Panels come in corner pieces and flat pieces. Linear footage is used to calculate corner pieces and square footage is used to calculate flat pieces.