We carry an extensive selection of clay brick ranging from cored and solid face brick, water struck brick, sand molded brick, paver brick, hard sewer brick, fire brick, and thin brick veneer.


Click the links below to explore some of the options we have.Our office contains over 50 brick sample boards on display, giving you plenty of options to choose a brick for a new project or to find a perfect match to an existing one.

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Intricate Brick Building Detail
Glen Gery Brick Building


Resilient & Durable

Bricks are weather and age-proof, able to withstand even the harshest conditions, from severe marine environments and cyclones, to wild fire prone areas. This makes Bricks the perfect solution for New England's climate conditions.

Bricks are also termite resistant because termites can’t eat bricks. If you build a full brick home, with a steel roof frame, on a concrete slab, your home will be termite resistant for all structural elements.

Once it’s built, your brick home remains weatherproof and age proof, with minimal upkeep. Brick doesn’t get tired like other man-made materials, giving you both a sound mind and a sound home.

Low Maintenance

Bricks do not require any painting, coating or varnishing in order to maintain their aesthetics and durability, unlike other building materials. Long-lasting brick is completely weatherproof, even in extreme conditions such as storms, and because bricks do not contain plant matter they are resistant to pests and won’t decay in hot or humid conditions.

Beautiful & Versatile 

Time and time again, brick has continued to be a popular building material choice among architects and designers because of its design flexibility, strong structural capabilities, and intricate detailing.

There are now over hundreds of brick colors to choose from and many different finishes from sleek glossy blacks and metallics to rough-hewn rustic bricks with a hand-crafted appearance.

Energy Efficient & Natural

Bricks provide human thermal comfort. Bricks are high density materials, meaning they have an ability to effectively absorb and store heat energy keeping your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Correct use of thermal mass moderates internal temperatures, averaging out day and night temperature extremes, which makes a massive difference to your comfort, and reduces energy bills.

Brick is also manufactured from naturally occurring materials and do not emit volatile organic compounds as many lightweight products can. With virtually no emissions and high thermal mass, brick is the right choice for the health conscious as it caters for those with acute allergies or sensitivity to weather.

Not only is brick better for your health, but it’s also better for our planet. The shale and clay that bricks are made from is naturally abundant, so brick is an environmentally sensitive option. They can be reused, keeping their original properties and features intact, or even recycled. And, because bricks do not contain harsh chemicals, plastics or artificial compounds, brick homes are healthy environments to live in.


Bricks are non-combustible and don’t assist the spread of fire, making them ideal for building in wild fire-prone areas. Clay bricks normally don’t suffer any structural damage after a fire and can be re-used even as load bearing walls.

Noise Barrier

Whether between rooms within a home or from outside noise, brick provides superior sound insulation so you can enjoy more peace and quiet in your own home.

Brick Color and Texture

Full Size Brick
We carry a variety of cored and solid brick. 
Click here to view colors and styles.

Stiles & Hart Waterstruck and SandmoldedBrick
Stiles & Hart 2" Restoration Brick

2" Restoration Brick
We carry 2" Restoration brick for older
and historic repairs. Click here to view
2" Restoration brick from S&H

Thin Brick Veneer Flats and Corners
Red Clay Brick Paver Walkway

Clay Brick Pavers
Clay brick pavers are rich in color and
are more durable than concrete
bricks. Click here to view popular brick
paver options, including the infamous Boston City Hall Pavers!

Fire Brick
Fire bricks are made to withstand high temperatures. They are often used to line furnaces, kilns, fireboxes, and fireplaces.
Click here to view our fire brick options

Buff and Red Fire Brick
Hard Sewer Manhole Brick

Hard Sewer Brick
Meet applicable codes such as ASTM C
for the use in drainage structures such as
manholes and catch basins.